Ten films of all time about the working world

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Speaking of Labor Day , putlocker TV presents to you a list of the best films and documentaries of all times.

Ten films of all time about the working world

Unemployment, protests and competition in the eyes of cinema of all ages. Here is a list of films and documentaries on the work. You can find them on xmovies8.


Ten films of all time about the working world

One of the great classics of film history. In the impoverished Italy, after World War II, a man gets a job to place posters in the streets. They give employment with the condition have a bicycle for transportation and be more effective with the work entrusted. a bike with the little money they have is bought but on his first day stolen. Then with his young son go out to Rome in search of the thief and the tool that is the only thing that can restore jobs and their dignity.


A young man is hired for the Human Resources area of the factory where his father has been a worker for 30 years. He is convinced that he can make the union and managers can reach an agreement on working conditions. However, you will notice that your function is actually reorganizing the company because it has already decided to reduce staff. The protagonist will be at the crossroads of having to lay off his father.


Based on a case of real life, this French film from 2001 tells the story of a man who lost his job, but he was not able to admit to his family what had happened, so every day was coming home early and he returned for dinner. He kept the same routine for years, but what did all that time was wandering aimlessly. The film questions how far a person could live in a lie than see their schemes are broken by the loss of a job.

DEATH OF WORKER (Workingman’s Death)

Ten films of all time about the working world

This German 2005 documentary follows five groups of manual workers performing extreme work in various parts of the world: coal miners in Ukraine, chargers sulfur in Indonesia, butchers a slaughterhouse outdoors in Nigeria, welders in a cemetery boats Pakistan, workers of a steel complex in China. Director Michael Glawogger this search was raised to show how in the age of high technology people are still subject to works that seem from another time.


Ten films of all time about the working world

It was the first feature film by Sergei Eisenstein Russian before directing Battleship Potemkin. The film released in 1924 tells a strike occurred in 1903 and ended in the shooting of workers by tsarist guard. This tape, which was made with the intention to indoctrinate the proletariat against the structures of the system, begins with a quote from Lenin: “The strength of the working class is organization. Without mass organization, the proletarian is nothing. Organized is everything.Being organized means unity of action, unity of practical activities “.


Ten films of all time about the working world

This film starring Javier Bardem and released in 2002 tells the story of a group of friends after the industrial reconversion of the city of Vigo became unemployed. They are men who are no longer young and living each beginning week as a new opportunity, but not really achieve more than temporary jobs for little money. This was an event that actually happened in Spain. An early radiograph what then would happen to the unemployment crisis in that country.


Ten films of all time about the working world

Based on the novel by John Steinbeck Nobel Prize, the film traces the journey of a family of farmers who need to find work in the city of California. To create the story Steinbeck made before a series of reports and met real cases of immigrants from Oklahoma, Kansas or Texas than half of the 30 lost their jobs in the cultivation and harvesting of land by effects of the Great Depression and a long drought.


Ten films of all time about the working world

In one of his most celebrated comedies, the great  Charles Chaplin  poses a critique of capitalism and frantic production economies of scale during the Great Depression. One of the most iconic scenes in this film, released in 1936, is the labor absorbed by industrial machinery.


This 2005 Spanish film is a satire on the processes of recruitment and job interviews. In the story a group of candidates arrives at the offices of a major transnational that has called for the last step in the process of choosing the best. No interviewer but a number of challenges to be met. A camera watches as mice in a laboratory. So they are generated complicities, enmities and jealousies among participants. But, how far they are able to reach to get the job? In Lima the work originally created for the theater as The Gronholm Method was released.


Ten films of all time about the working world

Argentine director Pablo Trapero wanted to film this movie-of-factly, as if it were a documentary.And you do that by showing the life of Rulo, a larger and a thousand trades without job options accepts handle a crane man. What we see on the tape is your work routine and personal relationships filmed in black and white. Trapero said that what had always attracted him was to show the world of work for social interest generated the relationship between a man and his tool.


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According Laidback Luke

The Dutchman dj melbourne presents his five golden rules for his success in the current scene.
Laidback Luke

5 – Pay attention to your energy


I see energy issues as packages. Music is emotion and contains a type of energy. If you can recognize that energy and stack it and build it, it may be more emotional and, from there, can make or happier or darker.


When I’m doing a mix for radio or other mix not particularly focused on the dance floor prick according to the direction to which I head. But my main goal is to combine themes that sound similar or have similar elements between them. If you do that, the energy will flow better in your mix and make it easy to listen to.



Listen 4- daily lots and lots of issues


DJs are often really tastemakers. In addition to just buy the top 10 tracks, should investigate and spend hours in record shops to find something odd but very cool face B has no other dj. That’s what makes a dj be on top this year and hope to return again these tastemakers to the scene. I’m actually not familiar with the Beatport top 10 because I want to find great tracks on my own. And although many topics click people know, I want to continue to introduce my audience some amazing little or no known issues.  



3- Know your team!


I continue to be amazed when I meet a professional dj on tour and do not know the functions of a CDJ inside out. If it is a job in which you’re being paid well for it, you have to know how to disable the auto-cue in a CDJ. You expect a flight attendant who knows everything inside the plane, right? Then learn your team, immerse yourself in it and trying to figure out what they are all buttons. The table is your instrument, many more know better and safer you feel. 


DJing in a club or at a festival is waaaay different punch in your room. For example, the sound in each club or each festival is totally different, usually much worse than your house. One tip is to change the way your table and your speakers are set in your bedroom. Place the speakers and the table and click differently in various forms, so you are prepared for situations.



2- Learn to read the public


This is essential! You always have to have a slope of what is happening in the public eye.You have to connect with them and read the energy if the energy is “old”, it is time for a surprise. Change gender or throws something you’re sure no one is expected. If you’re butt sees something deeper or vice versa. Usually after half an hour, you will know what issues are with whom the audience identifies. It is vital that you keep the energy in the audience.



1- And my golden rule …


Click 50% public and 50% click what you want … but only put items that you really like. It’s like you have the most popular topic in the world and you do not like, do not pinches. With the 50% rule you can always find a middle ground on issues that I like and presenting new songs as well.

Getting a job through YouTube

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5 Ways to get a job through YouTube: Find job online is still the solution for many people looking for work. Euroskills offers these ideas to use YouTube as a tool to look for a job.
1. Be promoted
To advertise on YouTube, amazing opportunities may arise. You can increase the number of views and subscribers using service cheapest youtube views. Tom Ferry is a former estate agents with a bestseller, Life! By Design. Two years ago and a half hung his first video on YouTube to increase its audience. Following showcase their talent in one or two videos each week, Ferry has received contracts for lecturing and consultancy work worldwide. His book became a best seller in the New York Times. Ferry said his audience has been growing steadily, thanks to appropriate labeling of their videos and constantly provides useful videos to their followers.

2. Publish and cross your fingers
This strategy has been successful in many cases. Perhaps the most famous discovery is Justin Bieber YouTube. Bieber released several home videos of himself singing. He quickly went from hundreds to thousands of displays. After collecting enough fans, she was discovered by her current manager and met Usher. Create a channel and post videos showing our experience. If we are great in some facet, burn it and offer some added value. Cultivate a fan base and get to them can help us win credibility or enough fame to launch our career.

3. Do it
A student at Stanford, Feross Aboukhadijeh created YouTube Instant shortly after the launch of Google Instant to carry the same features instant video platform to search. YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, was so impressed that he offered a job through Twitter. Not everyone can build a site that attracts attention of top executives, but this shows that creativity and hiring are not limited to our personality on the screen. Try to schedule, coding, draw or design something in the field that we like, as a new design for Twitter bird or a better user interface to Facebook and post them online. You never know who is watching.

4. Be creative
When Brian Freedman, a 23-year-old, saw an ad for writing financial articles for iGrad, a site of financial advice for college students, he noticed a small sidenote offered the possibility of presenting a video instead of a conventional CV. Freedman created a video showing how to save using envelopes and offered post.

After nine videos Freedman left iGrad to create your own channel. He was able to build its own brand and attract many more fans than with iGrad.

5. Participate in online competitions
These days, it is not uncommon for a company to organize a video competition on YouTube to attract potential candidates. Video contests are so popular on YouTube there’s a whole page dedicated to them, which can be found from competitions short films to social charitable initiatives. Be aware of contests where our experience and participate when an opportunity arises.

How to stay motivated to go to the gym after work

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Think of the benefits, find an exercise buddy and reward yourself with something symbolic are good ways to keep your spirits to get fit in the afternoon.

In the afternoon you can cross many things that could sabotage your visit to the gym.

In the afternoon you can cross many things that could sabotage your visit to the gym.

Doing exercise is a very important part of the lives of people. It helps to relieve stress , improve your immune system , keeps you away from diseases, in short, makes you happier .

In large cities, the high concentration of traffic and sometimes work schedules do not allow exercising so easily, but is a matter of choice. Some choose to get up early and start your day with training gym NYC, but for others it is something impossible.

For the latter the solution is to exercise after work , but at that time many things that could sabotage going to the gym or running cross. So how how to stay motivated ? Take note:

Train yourself out of work. If for some reason you thought quickly go to your home and change or some activity before going to the gym, wrong! If you had a long day at work and all you want to sleep, that chair that you so love to be irresistible, so you better take your things from the gym to your work so there are no excuses .

Reward yourself with something symbolic. If you want to watch a movie or go on that book you left long ago, treat yourself to that time (even 30 min.) As a rest after you’ve exercised. You’ll feel great and sleep much better .

Tell a friend. Maintain the commitment to exercising it is easier if you do it together and either encourage other to not miss.

Think of the benefits. We know that sometimes you have no minimum feel like exercising, but if you think of all the good that will bring this session of yoga, zumba or weight your attitude will change. Just think how good you feel after exercise, rest and you have good shape you succeed.

Nutrients to improve academic performance

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At exam time is usually take supplements to improve concentration and memory, although most are ineffective

Improve academic performance is a key objective for any student concerned about the notes. And no doubt that good nutrition is necessary for proper brain development and, by extension, for academic performance. But, are there any nutrients, food supplements or related substances influencing the concentration or the “mental energy”? Before consuming brews and supplements, or implement some methods of study of doubtful efficacy (and safety) it is important to review the evidence. The following article discusses the most “famous” substances related to the study and intellectual capacity.

Nutritional supplements for study

Of the many nutrients involved in brain functions it should be noted, because of their relevance, fatty acids omega-3 , the phosphorus , the iron , the zinc , the iodine and vitamin B12 and is therefore discussed succinctly below although reference is also made, in addition to coffee , 28 substances or common supplements in student backpacks.

Of these it is important to highlight the role, in our environment, a vitamin and two minerals . Deficiency of vitamin B12 , common in older than 50 years or vegetarians, may be involved in a deterioration of cognitive functions. More common is the low intake of iodine , which can also alter the mental work capacity. For this and many other reasons is recommended to take iodized salt regularly. With less than a teaspoon of iodized salt (2.5 grams) recommendations iodine intake of an adult (about 150 micrograms of iodine) are covered. The recommendations for pregnant and lactating are higher, so it is recommended to take an iodine supplement. Anemia due to lack of iron , or anemia ferropénica- finally cause concentration problems. Iron supplementation, if so, should be left to the doctor.

Brain supplement intelimax iq funciona to improve memory and higher concentration.

Every day we lose brain cells, which can affect the focus and motivation over time.This can cause small oversights that, while seemingly simple, can cause disorders in some cases (forget the wallet at home, for example). Intelimax IQ can improve memory, making helping you to remember facts as the important content of that evidence or the birthday of a friend!

Omega-3 for memory

Among the most used and most dietary supplements “fashionable” include those containing omega-3 fatty acids. It is, in fact, the “natural product” more used by both adult and child population, as just referred to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( NCCAM ).

A type of omega-3 fatty acid abundant in the brain called DHA contributes to the maintenance of brain functions according to the European Food Safety Authority ( EFSA , its acronym in English). Hence arise hypotheses propose that more intake of DHA, increased brain performance. However, human studies available show no clear about benefits. That is, the DHA is necessary for proper function of neurons is not to say that “more is better” , nor put more gas in the car means that go faster.

There is another “famous” omega-3 fatty acid called EPA . EFSA is clear: it does not support the ability to concentrate, not improve learning ability, does not help to calm down, does not improve the care and offers no rest for the mind and body, as can be seen in this link . In sum, although the omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the construction of structures in the brain, only deficiency alter academic performance . However, there are no deficiencies in omega-3 in the population that are of concern for intellectual performance, why it does not seem advisable nor justified that students take this class of supplements.

Phosphorus for the brain

If there is a widespread myth dietician regarding nutrition and its role in brain capabilities is that involving phosphorus. Thousands of web pages (many of which sell supplements phosphorus) attributed to this mineral called improvements related to memory and learning. But phosphorus involved in nerve signaling (which is true) does not allow call it “brain food.” Phosphorus is a nutrient found in almost all foods and its deficiency is extremely rare . EFSA does not consider that there is inadequate intakes of phosphorus in the European population leading to problems related to their role in the function of cell membranes. Incuso determines that it is not proven that phosphorus supplements reduce fatigue or tiredness in situations of deficiency.

Vitamin B12 to study

Vitamin B12 deficiency can impair intellectual performance. It is common in people over 50 years and this situation is, among other reasons, so that the Institute of Medicine of the United States recommended from this age take B12 supplements or eating foods fortified with the vitamin. Studies observed that B12 supplementation improves cognitive function in older people, which can also occur in young people with vitamin deficiencies . In vegetarians it is vital to take supplements or fortified with vitamin B12, as food indicates research published in February 2013 in the journal Nutrition Reviews that studied the relationship between vegetarianism and B12 deficiency.

Iodine for active neurons

Iodine contributes to cognitive function and proper activity of neurons. Because disorders iodine deficiency (among which are counted problems related to brain function) are quite common in our environment, and as it is difficult to cover with dietary intake recommendations of this nutrient (especially during the pregnancy and lactation), societies of endocrinology and nutrition Spanish, in addition to the Ministry of Health, insist for years to take the simple step of replacing the normal (or sea) salt iodized salt . In any case, take iodized salt or iodine supplements (which must prescribe a health professional) will not improve brain function if there are no gaps.

Iron concentration

It is estimated that 2% to 5% of adults (in developed countries) suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency, known as “iron deficiency anemia”. This ailment, among other symptoms, causes concentration problems. In such cases, academic performance can be impaired , as confirmed by the EFSA. Should see a doctor to diagnose anemia and, where appropriate, paute iron supplements , as can be seen, for example, in this guide developed by the British Society of Gastroenterology.

Zinc for cognitive functions

Zinc is a micronutrient that also contributes to normal cognitive function, according to the EFSA . But again, this contribution is not at all the evidence that zinc supplements are to make notes improve. EFSA considers that the scientific evidence does not establish that inadequate intake of zinc exist in the general population of Europe leading to losses in cognitive functions.Moreover, zinc intake above certain limits , can generate deficits copper status, a trace element involved in the immune system, among other functions .

Academic achievement: coffee and other substances or supplements used 28

Picture: Adriana Poveda

In addition to the above nutrients, EFSA has also assessed the role of other substances in cognitive function, as can be found via this link . According to the EFSA, none of the substances or supplements listed below helps learning or reasoning , improves concentration or attention, provides emotional balance and serenity, reduces mental stress, contributes to relaxation or welfare mentally, it increases student achievement, fosters agility or mental “energy”, provides greater alertness, stimulates memory, induces a sense of emotional well – being, improves mental work capacity, produces a “mental vitality” decreases reaction time, alertness raises or increases the “mental and cognitive development”:

Oil wheat germ, gamma-aminobutyric acid, gamma-linoleic acid, linoleic acid (Omega-6), energy drinks with carbohydrates, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), creatine, phenylalanine, fosfaditilserina, phosphatidylcholine, wheat germ, glutamine, inositol, lecithin, brewer ‘s yeast, flax or essential fatty acids, L-theanine ( “theanine”), L-tryptophan ( “tryptophan”), magnesium, manganese, multivitamins, whey protein, quercetin, taurine, tyrosine, vitamin B2, 2-dimethylaminoethanol hydrogen tartrate.

Due to regulatory nature of EFSA opinions, statements attributed to any of these substances or supplements effects as described above, contravene Article 5.1.a of Regulation 1924/2006 and are therefore illegal .

EFSA has not evaluated, so far, to coffee or Ginkgo biloba . While many studies indicate that coffee improves concentration in adults (in children is not recommended), apparently its effect is only relevant activities in which the pupil receives information passively, while having no effect on tasks in which the material is learned intentionally. As for the Ginkgo biloba , a plant used for its purported ability to improve memory, a rigorous new study has concluded that exerts a positive effect on cognitive functions. Professor Keith Laws, first author of the research, said to ScienceDaily , the following : “Our findings show that taking supplements of Ginkgo biloba . At any age does not getbetter at all memory, and can be a waste of time and money”