10 movies you must see if you want to be an skilled in contemporary movie director

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Every era has its artistic wonders. Renaissance painters and writers of the Enlightenment, on the back of these, laid the foundations of their respective fields. Thus, the authors of classic cinema enjoy a similar prestige: Hitchcock, Fellini, Godard, among others.

Many fans of the seventh art come to belittle the work of recent filmmakers, as if it were worth less than the films considered masterpieces of its time.

For this reason, many people are left without learning new excellent productions that have been released in the XXI century.

Then we collect 30 essential films that everyone should know and appreciate to be considered a connoisseur of contemporary cinema. I forbear to add ribbons to your grandmother has seen as ” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” , ” Birdman” , ” Whiplash”, etc. The aim is to introduce little known films that can please them:

# 30. “The Piano Teacher” (France, 2001)

films to be expert in contemporary cinema

Few films explore sexuality in such a crude way. The protagonist of this film has suffered greatly under the care of his madremadre. She has been sexually repressed his entire life until an attractive young girl falls for her. From that moment, all his excitement and his desire to come to the surface, with not so pleasant results.

Michael Haneke gives us an interesting story about the dangers of repressed development.


# 29. “Thrist” (South Korea, 2009)

contemporary cinema movies

In an attempt to help heal a brutal disease, a Korean priest agrees to be a test subject in a clinical experiment.Unfortunately, it receives a transfusion of contaminated blood and becomes a vampire. All their immoral instincts haywire when he falls for an old childhood friend. The protagonist is forced to face serious ethical problems brought about by their new condition.

Park Chan-wook presents an unusual story with a great cinematography, visual contrasts which symbolize the dilemma that crosses the main character.


# 28. “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” (South Korea, 2002)

films to be expert in contemporary cinema

On a scale of bad luck, the characters in this film suffer the worst thing that could touch them. The protagonist decides to kidnap the daughter of his former boss, your sister is sick and needs a transplant. As expected, nothing goes according to plan, forcing Ryu to find those responsible to restore justice.

The motivations of the characters are complex, making the story is quite credible despite the catastrophic and unlikely events that happen.


# 27. “Coffee and Cigarettes” (US, 2003)

coffee and cigarettes movies to be expert in contemporary cinema

The structure of this film is composed of several short films together in which the characters talk about all sorts of topics: from death to toothache. Jim Jarmusch spent 17 years by rolling with several performers: Bill Murray, Roberto Benigni, Cate Blanchett, Iggy Pop, Jack and Meg White, among others.

United by the common taste of smoking cigarettes and drinking black coffee, all fragments of “Coffee and Cigarettes” are interesting and fun.


# 26. “Synecdoche, New York” (United States, 2008)

films to be expert in contemporary cinema

Responsible for “screenwriter Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”  and ” Being John Malkovich , “ Charlie Kaufman, made his directorial debut in the best way possible with such a philosophical film as intelligent. The protagonist, Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman) wants to produce a new play while all his personal life falls apart.

The inherent surrealism of the film brings dynamism and depth to the work; making use of it, Kaufman managed to express the sense of its history with great symbolic images, a perfect script and a soundtack could be one of the best in the history of cinema.


# 25. “Downfall” (Germany, 2004)

Downfall films to be expert in contemporary cinema

Hitler has been immortalized as a mastermind of the war and a brutal murderer. This version is not historically accurate, because of this, the makers of this film try their best to introduce the one Adolph with the psychological characteristics that corresponded to his personality: insecure, obsessive and paranoid. In his last days of life, he barricaded himself in his bunker while the Soviets invaded Berlin. The development happens is impressive and true. Desperation takes over all as the Third Reich crumbles.

The performance of Bruno Ganz as the German genocide, will be remembered for many years as one of the best of contemporary cinema.


# 24. “Frances Ha” (USA-2013)

French films have to be an expert in contemporary cinema

Noah Baumbach’s films often remain a bit shallow and dialogue be overloaded. However, with “Frances Ha” he managed to find the perfect balance to tell an interesting and dynamic history. Frances, the protagonist, is going through the awkward situation, typical of twentysomethings, of having to make important decisions for their future. Things are not going as she wanted, and often do not know which way it will be your next step.

The comic charm of the protagonist and a beautiful black and white film in Woody Allen to make this film is one of the best of the year as to Quentin Tarantino he said .


#2. 3. “Memories of Murder” (South Korea, 2003)

memories of a murder movies to be expert in contemporary cinema

The director Bong Joon-ho moves away from the traditional criteria of Hollywood movies about police to tell a cool story about a series of difficult to solve real murders. A group of corrupt officials are responsible to clarify things; Using unconventional methods, they shall make every effort to catch the culprit.

The atmosphere is similar to that seen in black films. A world of shadows and half-truths where nothing is easy.


# 22. “Nueve Reinas” (Argentina-2000)

Nueve Reinas films to be expert in contemporary cinema

Since he played “Marcos” in this film, Ricardo Darin has been acting exactly the same in all his films and increasingly makes it better. As you can be seen in ” Stories Wild and Truman.”

Mark is a professional swindler who accesses teach his secrets to John, a novice criminal. The chemistry between them is excellent and the pace of the film is dizzyingly exciting.

Fabian Bielinsky Argentina brings a smart comedy about crime and scams, superior to her companions gender.


#twenty-one. “Post Tenebras Lux” (Mexico, 2012)

tenebras post lux films to be expert in contemporary cinema

John tries to keep his family afloat as they adjust to their new home in the countryside. We see various facets of the life of this family: holidays, flashbacks, dreams, discussions, etc. The tape was recorded hypnotically, with intense colors and intricate angles, “Post Tenebras Lux” is a visual marvel.

Much like ” The Tree of Life”, the director Carlos Reygadas, he was able to structure an attractive and innovative family history that breaks with the limits of narrative and has beautiful images that will stay in your mind for long.


#twenty. “Poulet aux prunes” (France, 2011)

poulet aux prunes films to be expert in contemporary cinema

After his wife destroys his favorite violin in a discussion, the musician Nasser-Ali falls into a deep depression for not being able to find another instrument like. From that point, the protagonist has varied reminiscences that put us in the context of his life. Gradually, we know intimately this character and his tragic experiences.

This is a love story told in an unconventional way. The style of the film is unusual and creative. The colors used will provide a magic ambient air that is conducted history; Because of this, the aesthetics of the film is quite eccentric.


The art we always have surprises in store that are waiting to be discovered by our eyes, let us form a new view and enjoy, what do you think it took movie in this count of contemporary cinema? We invite you to share your opinions. You can enjoy these films with some of the simple recipes that taste better in the company of those you love, watch here at Free Movies Online.

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