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5 Ways to get a job through YouTube: Find job online is still the solution for many people looking for work. Euroskills offers these ideas to use YouTube as a tool to look for a job.
1. Be promoted
To advertise on YouTube, amazing opportunities may arise. You can increase the number of views and subscribers using service cheapest youtube views. Tom Ferry is a former estate agents with a bestseller, Life! By Design. Two years ago and a half hung his first video on YouTube to increase its audience. Following showcase their talent in one or two videos each week, Ferry has received contracts for lecturing and consultancy work worldwide. His book became a best seller in the New York Times. Ferry said his audience has been growing steadily, thanks to appropriate labeling of their videos and constantly provides useful videos to their followers.

2. Publish and cross your fingers
This strategy has been successful in many cases. Perhaps the most famous discovery is Justin Bieber YouTube. Bieber released several home videos of himself singing. He quickly went from hundreds to thousands of displays. After collecting enough fans, she was discovered by her current manager and met Usher. Create a channel and post videos showing our experience. If we are great in some facet, burn it and offer some added value. Cultivate a fan base and get to them can help us win credibility or enough fame to launch our career.

3. Do it
A student at Stanford, Feross Aboukhadijeh created YouTube Instant shortly after the launch of Google Instant to carry the same features instant video platform to search. YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, was so impressed that he offered a job through Twitter. Not everyone can build a site that attracts attention of top executives, but this shows that creativity and hiring are not limited to our personality on the screen. Try to schedule, coding, draw or design something in the field that we like, as a new design for Twitter bird or a better user interface to Facebook and post them online. You never know who is watching.

4. Be creative
When Brian Freedman, a 23-year-old, saw an ad for writing financial articles for iGrad, a site of financial advice for college students, he noticed a small sidenote offered the possibility of presenting a video instead of a conventional CV. Freedman created a video showing how to save using envelopes and offered post.

After nine videos Freedman left iGrad to create your own channel. He was able to build its own brand and attract many more fans than with iGrad.

5. Participate in online competitions
These days, it is not uncommon for a company to organize a video competition on YouTube to attract potential candidates. Video contests are so popular on YouTube there’s a whole page dedicated to them, which can be found from competitions short films to social charitable initiatives. Be aware of contests where our experience and participate when an opportunity arises.

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