Ten films of all time about the working world

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Speaking of Labor Day , putlocker TV presents to you a list of the best films and documentaries of all times.

Ten films of all time about the working world

Unemployment, protests and competition in the eyes of cinema of all ages. Here is a list of films and documentaries on the work. You can find them on xmovies8.


Ten films of all time about the working world

One of the great classics of film history. In the impoverished Italy, after World War II, a man gets a job to place posters in the streets. They give employment with the condition have a bicycle for transportation and be more effective with the work entrusted. a bike with the little money they have is bought but on his first day stolen. Then with his young son go out to Rome in search of the thief and the tool that is the only thing that can restore jobs and their dignity.


A young man is hired for the Human Resources area of the factory where his father has been a worker for 30 years. He is convinced that he can make the union and managers can reach an agreement on working conditions. However, you will notice that your function is actually reorganizing the company because it has already decided to reduce staff. The protagonist will be at the crossroads of having to lay off his father.


Based on a case of real life, this French film from 2001 tells the story of a man who lost his job, but he was not able to admit to his family what had happened, so every day was coming home early and he returned for dinner. He kept the same routine for years, but what did all that time was wandering aimlessly. The film questions how far a person could live in a lie than see their schemes are broken by the loss of a job.

DEATH OF WORKER (Workingman’s Death)

Ten films of all time about the working world

This German 2005 documentary follows five groups of manual workers performing extreme work in various parts of the world: coal miners in Ukraine, chargers sulfur in Indonesia, butchers a slaughterhouse outdoors in Nigeria, welders in a cemetery boats Pakistan, workers of a steel complex in China. Director Michael Glawogger this search was raised to show how in the age of high technology people are still subject to works that seem from another time.


Ten films of all time about the working world

It was the first feature film by Sergei Eisenstein Russian before directing Battleship Potemkin. The film released in 1924 tells a strike occurred in 1903 and ended in the shooting of workers by tsarist guard. This tape, which was made with the intention to indoctrinate the proletariat against the structures of the system, begins with a quote from Lenin: “The strength of the working class is organization. Without mass organization, the proletarian is nothing. Organized is everything.Being organized means unity of action, unity of practical activities “.


Ten films of all time about the working world

This film starring Javier Bardem and released in 2002 tells the story of a group of friends after the industrial reconversion of the city of Vigo became unemployed. They are men who are no longer young and living each beginning week as a new opportunity, but not really achieve more than temporary jobs for little money. This was an event that actually happened in Spain. An early radiograph what then would happen to the unemployment crisis in that country.


Ten films of all time about the working world

Based on the novel by John Steinbeck Nobel Prize, the film traces the journey of a family of farmers who need to find work in the city of California. To create the story Steinbeck made before a series of reports and met real cases of immigrants from Oklahoma, Kansas or Texas than half of the 30 lost their jobs in the cultivation and harvesting of land by effects of the Great Depression and a long drought.


Ten films of all time about the working world

In one of his most celebrated comedies, the great  Charles Chaplin  poses a critique of capitalism and frantic production economies of scale during the Great Depression. One of the most iconic scenes in this film, released in 1936, is the labor absorbed by industrial machinery.


This 2005 Spanish film is a satire on the processes of recruitment and job interviews. In the story a group of candidates arrives at the offices of a major transnational that has called for the last step in the process of choosing the best. No interviewer but a number of challenges to be met. A camera watches as mice in a laboratory. So they are generated complicities, enmities and jealousies among participants. But, how far they are able to reach to get the job? In Lima the work originally created for the theater as The Gronholm Method was released.


Ten films of all time about the working world

Argentine director Pablo Trapero wanted to film this movie-of-factly, as if it were a documentary.And you do that by showing the life of Rulo, a larger and a thousand trades without job options accepts handle a crane man. What we see on the tape is your work routine and personal relationships filmed in black and white. Trapero said that what had always attracted him was to show the world of work for social interest generated the relationship between a man and his tool.

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