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According Laidback Luke

The Dutchman dj melbourne presents his five golden rules for his success in the current scene.
Laidback Luke

5 – Pay attention to your energy


I see energy issues as packages. Music is emotion and contains a type of energy. If you can recognize that energy and stack it and build it, it may be more emotional and, from there, can make or happier or darker.


When I’m doing a mix for radio or other mix not particularly focused on the dance floor prick according to the direction to which I head. But my main goal is to combine themes that sound similar or have similar elements between them. If you do that, the energy will flow better in your mix and make it easy to listen to.



Listen 4- daily lots and lots of issues


DJs are often really tastemakers. In addition to just buy the top 10 tracks, should investigate and spend hours in record shops to find something odd but very cool face B has no other dj. That’s what makes a dj be on top this year and hope to return again these tastemakers to the scene. I’m actually not familiar with the Beatport top 10 because I want to find great tracks on my own. And although many topics click people know, I want to continue to introduce my audience some amazing little or no known issues.  



3- Know your team!


I continue to be amazed when I meet a professional dj on tour and do not know the functions of a CDJ inside out. If it is a job in which you’re being paid well for it, you have to know how to disable the auto-cue in a CDJ. You expect a flight attendant who knows everything inside the plane, right? Then learn your team, immerse yourself in it and trying to figure out what they are all buttons. The table is your instrument, many more know better and safer you feel. 


DJing in a club or at a festival is waaaay different punch in your room. For example, the sound in each club or each festival is totally different, usually much worse than your house. One tip is to change the way your table and your speakers are set in your bedroom. Place the speakers and the table and click differently in various forms, so you are prepared for situations.



2- Learn to read the public


This is essential! You always have to have a slope of what is happening in the public eye.You have to connect with them and read the energy if the energy is “old”, it is time for a surprise. Change gender or throws something you’re sure no one is expected. If you’re butt sees something deeper or vice versa. Usually after half an hour, you will know what issues are with whom the audience identifies. It is vital that you keep the energy in the audience.



1- And my golden rule …


Click 50% public and 50% click what you want … but only put items that you really like. It’s like you have the most popular topic in the world and you do not like, do not pinches. With the 50% rule you can always find a middle ground on issues that I like and presenting new songs as well.

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